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Welcome to our resource library:

On this page you will find resources to help you do business with us. We add new tools often, so be sure to check back.

Innovation Health Employer Sponsored Plans

Doing Business with Us

Use this quick reference guide to get started with Innovation Health.

Innovation Health Office Manual

The office manual includes the information you need to conduct business with us and support your Innovation Health patients. It is your go-to resource for detailed information about our benefits plans, programs and processes.

The office manual contains important information related to:

  • Key national and local contacts
  • Policies and procedures
  • Electronic connectivity, including electronic transactions and our secure physician website
  • Office and pharmacy management
  • Patient management and acute care
  • Special member programs/resources
  • Behavioral health
  • Member rights and responsibilities (and other NCQA-required information)
  • Regional variations to programs and policies which are included in a local network section.

Benefits at a Glance

Use this product guide to see how to work with Innovation Health Benefits Products. It will help you identify:

  • Medical product names
  • Key features associated with specific benefits plans
  • PCP selection requirements
  • Referral requirements
  • Important phone numbers

Digital member ID card guide

You can expect to see more patients showing you ID cards on their smartphones and mobile devices. Don't worry - the digital ID card features all the information you need. We realize some patients show up without an ID card at all. This guide will show you how to verify eligibility without an ID number or card.

Innovation Health Leap Plans (Individual Qualified Health Plans)

Use this reference guide if your patient has an Innovation Health LeapSM plan. It will help you identify key plan features and provides a sample ID card. You will also find helpful facts for administering Innovation Health Leap plans.

Additional Resources

ICD-10, 5010 and National Provider Identifier (NPI)

For information about ICD-10, 5010 and NPI, click here to learn more.

Physician Communication Forms

We encourage you to send progress notes and discharge summaries to your patients’ other treating practitioners. Use these forms to help you communicate with other physicians.