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A better health care experience for everyone

You don’t have to live with rising costs, wasteful services or disjointed care. We’re the result of a unique partnership between Aetna and Inova to create higher-quality benefits in Northern Virginia — at lower costs.

So you’ll see:

  • Better care: Our integrated network of physicians shares relevant clinical information while protecting your privacy to deliver seamless member treatment.
  • Better costs: We root out unnecessary treatments that waste dollars and frustrate members.
  • Better experience: Members get support to navigate the health care system when they need the most help.

It’s all about the member

We want what they want - a system that’s easy to navigate, has predictable costs and helps them stay healthy.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Strategy: Improving the doctor/insurer relationship by working as allies focused on the same goals.
  • Support: Coaching and outreach to help members stay or get healthier.
  • Safety: Spotting gaps in care to help members get the right care, at the right time.
  • Savings: Driving high quality care in unique and cost-efficient ways.
  • Smarts: Analyzing member clinical data and metrics to drive impactful support and services.

People helping people

See how Innovation Health care managers are changing health care - and changing members’ lives. Just watch us in action.

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Access to High Quality Care

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Local strength.

We access networks of doctors and hospitals in Northern Virginia that work together to provide high quality clinical services. The network includes 22+ hospitals including 4 of DC and Virginia’s best hospitals, according to U.S. News & World Report (2015-16).

National flexibility.

We also access Aetna's broad national network. If your employees travel or live outside Northern Virginia they can seek care with participating providers just about anywhere in the US.

Better health care begins today.

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*Actual results may vary. Comparison is to Aetna’s broad network plans. Savings may be less.

This material is for information only.  Health benefits and health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations.  Providers are independent contractors and are not agents of Innovation Health or Aetna.  Provider participation may change without notice.  Innovation Health and Aetna do not provide care or guarantee access to health services. Information is believed to be accurate as of the staging date; however, it is subject to change.